ICVR- 2021

A warm welcome to the International conference on virology and rare diseases which is going to be held on August 26th-28th, 2021 at London, UK and it brings a new platform to share the ideas and discuss all the innovations in the virology field. The theme of conference was “Spotlight on advancements of virology and therapy for rare diseases”. It includes keynote presentations, poster presentations and oral presentations, workshops, sponsors and exhibitors. It is gathering of all experts and discussing about advancements of virology treatment.

There are approximately about 4000 to 7000 are the viral diseases, approximately there are out of 15 persons in the world wide would be affected by the disease of whom 30 million and others all over the world.  Early Stephan Morse suggested that there about  1 million viruses of the vertebrates  the results of a new study suggest that at least nearly 300,000 viruses will be infect mammals  to estimate the unknown viral diversity mammals , 1,782 samples would be collected from the Indian flying fox pterous giganteus.  Nearly 985 viral sequences from members of 7 viral families there these includes the 112 novel 2 distinct coronaviruses and the new herpes viruses the statistical methods would be there to estimate the that p.giganteus that there would be 55 different viruses in that 50 were used in this study   there would be likely estimated that about 8 viral families were targeted the deep DNA would likely to detect more than all. By the estimation nearly 58,205 known vertebrates in each harbor, the number of the unknown viruses will arises up to 2,517,890. 

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