dignosis and treatment of different viral infections

The viruses are very small particles of geneticmaterials and these are surrounded by the protein coatsome of the viruses have a fatty envelope coveringand the viruses cannot reproducewithout the assistant of host cell and the virus will makes the copiesof itself and bursts the host celland the viral infections can be spread by the direct transformation of the nose droplets, by coughing and by close contact with the infected person so, the virus can be easily spread from one person to another easily by it and in this the viruses will have theRNA and the DNAand the detection of this is done by polymerase chain reaction mechanism is used

The different viralinfections caused by the different viruses the ross river virus is a single stranded RNA it is spread by a mosquitoand then finding of rotavirus vaccine which is used for diarrhea treatment and this vaccine can prevent the 15-34% of the infections occurringand the vaccine is licensed for usa and after the using of another countries about 70-80% of effective preventing of severe diarrhea can be preventedand the reasrches are goingfor the bovine reassortantvaccine developed by albert kapikian and they take under consideration all the countries are undergoing the trials on itfor the development of the vaccine for the rotavirus vaccines fromserum institute of India are currently taking the clinical trails and these are made to control of the disease and some of the viral infections can be cured by the diagnosis by taking of samples and then checking of the sample then giving some vaccines against the disease now a days


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