And  the viral RNA  polymerase encoded by the L gene ,partially uncoats the  nucleocapsid and then transcribes  the gene into the positive strand M-RNAS,  which are then translated   into structural  and non-structural  proteins   newly synthesized   structural   proteins  and their  genomes  self-assemble and accumulate  near the inside of the cell membrane  and the mode of transmission involves the direct contact with an infected wild animal or fruit bat , besides bats another infected animals like monkey species, gorillas, and duikers  and the disease spreads by the direct contact with the blood or other body fluids  of a person and the virus includes saliva, mucus,vomit,sweat, breast milk, and urine  it  has developed that the  infection usually spreads for the very sick person will be able to spread the disease through  saliva and the whole virus will spread through the feces and vomit and sometimes it may spread  through the large droplets however it occurs only when a person is very sick and the diagnosis will be by the low platelet  count, as it will be initially decreases the white blood cell count followed by an increased white blood count  and the specific diagnosis is confirmed by isolating virus,  detecting  its rna or proteins , or detecting antibodies against the virus in a person blood and then isolating the cell culture detecting the viral rna by polymerase chain reaction and then  proteins by Elisa are the methods for the early stage detection And the treatment will be by providing the fluids and maintaining their blood pressure and then replacing last blood and providing the oxygen needed


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