emerging viruses

An emergent virus is the virus that has adapted and emerged as a new strain and it causes from both influence of man and nature and the most important is the emerging viruses spread from animal to humans and the poliomyelitis, sars, avian, influenza, and Ebola  and the virus is an infection agent which is capable of growth  and reproduce outside the cell of the host and the virus that contribute to emerging occurs by the mutations and the west Nile viruses’ it has damaged many people life’s and it spreads through the mosquito and it takes as a reservoir for the transmission  and the next is the niphan viruses niphan and hendra are the members of the family paramyxoviridae Some infectious diseases exacerbated by various factors, including rapid urbanization, changes in climate, ecology, and policies, large numbers of migrant workers such as returning field to forests. The world's current leading infectious killing diseases are HIV, has caused an estimated nearly 37 million deaths since the first cases were reported in 2017. Large amounts of new and emerging RNA and DNA viruses are zoonotic or have zoonotic origins in animal reserves that are usually mammalian and sometimes floating. Not all zoonotic viruses are transmits between human hosts




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