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A virus is a small infectious agent which can survive within a host cell  and it depends it for the replication and in generally it occurs with the host cell and involves the attachment of the host cell, uncoating of the nucleic acid, synthesis of the virus protein and the replication differs from the DNA and RNA and the changes will occurs in it and mostly the diagnosis will be done by the blood test and it is a single stranded genome and double stranded of reoviridae  and some or like circular e.g.: arenaviridae


   The word of virus was originally meant venom and the early of vaccination was developed and it is applicable for the Smallpox also and in 2005 there are approximately about the 40 million people were killed up due to the  strain of influenza and in the 2009 the transferring of the strain into the another commonly known as the wine flu Has killed about the thousands of the people , in 2002 it was reported that poliovirus had been synthetically assembled ,representing the first synthetic organism later in 2003 the faster method used to assemble the 5386- genome of it and in the2006 a small number of specific transcription factor genes into normal skin cells of mice or humans these cells into the pluripotent stem cells, and this technique is the modified retroviruses to transform the cells and this researches are come into out for the saving of humans from the disease and to and in the 2015 it was shown that proteins from an ERV are expressed in the 3- day – old human embryo’s and it plays a major role in protection of the embryo from any other viruses infection so, it came existence to save the embryo infected and saving from virus


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