Norovirus are transmitted through the different routes they are the fecal- oral route and through environmental contamination, fecal contaminated food or water  and the diagnosis is by the detection of viral RNA  in the affected person stools  by using the chain of polymerase  reaction  and the transmission can be prevented by the keeping of surroundings neat, washing the hands The mostly nor viruses that infect the humans belong to the genogroup GI AND GII and the noroviruses will infect the by the replicating of the with the small intestine and in generally the transmission will be by the direct  transmission of person to person and then to next by the indirectly transmission by the water and then by the food and by the contaminated  surfaces or through the surfaces of air and by the sharing of food material and in sometimes the infect ion is spread even you clean up  the virus continue to be shed after symptoms have subsided and shedding can be detected  many weeks after infection  the treatment  and the noroviruse don’t respond to antibiotics which are designed to kill bacteria and to prevent dehydration make sure to drink the plenty of liquids, especially water , and juices  and the symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, when standing the dry mouth, and the peeing legs and the diagnosis is routinely by the polymerase chain reaction where the results will give in few hours  and next test by taking of stool sampling of it and then further the testing of with Elisa that use antibodies against a mixture of nor virus strains are available commercially but they lack the sensitivity and specificity


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