sexually transmitted diseases

 It is a disease which spread through by having sex and it can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites and the viruses caused disease is the human papillomavirus and it can spread through the sex and effect the anus and genitals  and the other infection is the hepatitis viruses and  the infection caused to liver  and the  three common types are the hepatitis A, hepatitis B,  and the hepatitis C and this is more serious ,  long lasting the problem   and the bacteria caused by disease is chlamydia and it is the most common in the world and it causes the permanent damage to woman’s reproductive system if not treated properly  and then gonorrhea it infects the genital, mouth, eyes and it will spread through blood to infect the body’s joints  and the syphilis it damages the organs in their bodyTHE STDS  are the most common spread through the sex and the noramal symptoms are the vaginal discharge, ulcers, pelvic pain, and vaginal discharge,  more than 30 different bacteria, parasites, viruses, can be transmitted through sexual   activity  approximately about  400 millions people were infected with the infections occurred by the  diseases  and in the unitied states there were 18 million people will be having the sexually transmitted disease  and in more commonly the about approximately 430 million  of people will have the genital  and herpes and 280 were by the human papillomaviruses’


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