veterniary virology

It deals about the viruses in the non-human animals and it is the important branch of veterinary medicine. They are smaller and simpler in construction than the unicellular microorganisms, and they contain only one type of nucleic acid either DNA OR RNA. as they not have ribosomes, mitochondria, they are completely depends on their cellular hosts for energy production and the protein synthesis and they consists of single stranded, negative sense RNA which will infect plants and animals and they consists of new genera and in apthoviruses they consists of positive strand RNA and it is non-enveloped and in the arteriviruses they have the positive sense RNA genome and these also have a enveloped core and influenza have only the RNAin it

It is a non-segmented single stranded DNA viruses, with an average genome of 5000 nucleotides and some are non-segmented negative strand RNAin paramyxoviruses and thy effect the humans, animals and mainly one is the flaviviruseswhich is a single stranded RNA viruses it mainly causes the dengue, tick- borne encephalitis virus and in 2001 PCR developed the technique for the identification of plant viruses with Ndna GENOMEand the ahlquist developed the technique for the detection of RNA viruses by the reverse transcription and several PCR developed for detection of animal viruses, and the electron microscopy to identify the new veterinary virusesdetection and the neutralization tests re also performed so, these all will provide early diagnosis and avoiding of humans dyeing from the diseases


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