viral infection during pregnancy

Pregnancy also known as the gestation period  where the offspring  develops inside a woman and the parental care improves the pregnancy outcome prenatal  care may include taking folic acid, avoiding of the drugs, and the complications occurs during pregnancy are the high blood pressure, diabetes, severe nausea and vomiting’s  and approximately about the 10 to 15% of the miscarriage occurs  and about 44% of the pregnancies are aborted  and the common symptoms of the pregnancy discomforts are the  tiredness, morning sicknesses,  constipation, and the back pain  and  the women with  asymptomatic hsv in labor,  and this decreases the fetal exposure to the vaginal secretion’s as they contain the virus  and the 10 to 15 percent of the initially new born develop neurodevelopment damage within the first three years of life and the 5 to 15 % percent of new borns are will developed sequelae later in their life time pandemics there is a risk of high rates of abortion and pretern birth occurs  and the diagnosis  primarily includes the  serological test  and then next the urine test, stool test, and this are taken from the infected person and some samples are sent for  testing of the sputum, from the nose and the laboratory tests uses of the blood, urine and they are examined under the microscope and tested for antibodies  and tested for genetic  material from the microorganisams   and based on micro organisms’ which occurs it is checked  and the common infections will be identified and cured it 




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