viral isolation

The cells may then continue to multiply at a constant rate over many successive transfers. Eventually after a number of transfers, the cell undergoes culture senescence and cannot be transferred along. During the multiplication of cell strain, some cells become altered in that they acquire a different morphology, grow faster and becomeable to starta cell culture from a smallerof cells.


Cell cultures are separated into 3 types:

 Prepared directly from animal or human tissues and can be sub cultured only once or twice  Which are derived from human fetal tissue and can be sub cultured 20 to 50 times Derived from tumours  of human or animal tissue Cell cultures vary greatly  in their  susceptibility  to the different  viruses. Several different of cell culture depending on the nature of specimen and clinical presentation. Cell cultures that are contaminated by bacteria should either be put up again or passed through a bacterial filtration. Viruses can be grown in vivo or in vitro.  In vitro studies various types of cell can be used to support the growth of viruses. Primary cultures usually have limited life span . Cell from the primary cell culture must be transferred to another vessel with fresh growth medium. This is called secondary culture.



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