viral pathogenesis

Viral pathogenesis is the study of how the viruses can cause diseases in their targeted hosts, and it is the specialized study in the virology and it usually spread by the replication and the different pathogens are bacteria, fungi, prionic, algal, and this are having the dna so, mostly the pathogenic bacteria sexual interaction occurs between cells of the same species and by the process the transformation of disease takes place from one person to another by the defense mechanism also


The term pathogen came into use to describe the infection microorganism such as bacteria, fungi, and one of the pathogenic bacterial diseases with the highest disease burden caused by the mycobacterial tuberculosis, which has been killed approximately 2 million people a year,  estimated about 54 million people saved by the effective treatment and the treatment includes people should be hygienic, and they should take the nutrient food, should was hands before taking the food and approximately about thousands of people are dyeing, and in the 2002  a faster method was shown to assemble the 5386- base genome of the bacteria and the giant  Mimi virus  ,in some sense an intermediate between tiny prokaryotes and ordinary viruses, was described in the 2003 apart  from the  threat of it the medical nonwovens predominantly comes from the risk of nosocomial infections and approximately the global medical non-woven disposable market to reach 20.9 billion by it



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