zika virus infection

And the infection will be  transmitted  primarily by the monkeys in as so called enzootic mosquito cycle , and then transmission to humans and in highly it will spread in a mosquito –human –mosquito cycle, and the primarily by the aedes  aegypti mosquitos , and also by the sexual contact and then through blood transfusion and in sexual mostly by men to women and during pregnancy mother to child and it may causes  the changes in the in the neuronal development of the brain and then congenital abnormalities  and then by the diagnosis is accomplished  using both molecular and serological methods  and the testing will be confirmed by the urine test or blood test can confirm by it or by saliva testing  and the prevention involves decreasing of mosquito bites in areas where the disease occurs so the proper use of condoms and then proper covering of body with clothing and getting rid of the standing water  where the mesquites reproduce themselves and the paracetamol may help with the symptoms  and the zika virus  is responsible for bringing   mild illness to may countries , approximately in 2014 there are  9000 were confirmed with the infection

And in every country they are reporting the zika virus infection more than 22 countries have reported the zika virus infection


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