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Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the largest city which is located in central and the western Europe and it is lying between the batlic and north seas to the north and the high Rhine to the south and it consists of Poland and  Czech republic to the east and, in south it contain Australia and Switzerland. Germany is a very decentralized country and it have major cities they are Hamburg , Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, and Nuremberg and it is a developed  country with a high standard of  living and it maintains a social security and berlin is the second populous city  and it is surrounded by the Brandenburg  and it is centrally located at the center of berlin and it is banks of the river spree, which flows  into the river Havel in the western of Spandau and it consists  of diverse range of creative industries and it lies in the north eastern of Germany east river of the Saale and most attractive places in Germany are neuschwanstein and it is located near fussen in south west Bavaria  and one of the most popular tourist attraction in Germany and then hidelberg it is the most popular destination and  Oktoberfest is having a wide variety of traditions and visitors will enjoy fare such as hendl, wurstl  and the Rhine it is running between the  Koblenz to bingen and black forest can found in southern western corner and it is having the beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation and the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany Rugen cliffs are located in the jasmund national park it consists of chalk cliffs tower above the balitic sea and the berlin sights are Reichstag  and then Brandenburg gate it is a signature of attraction and it is one of old city gate around city of berlin

Berlin, Germany

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