Dignosis Of Viral Infections

Types of samples include: Blood, Skin, Sputum, gargles and bronchial washings, Urine, Semen, Faeces, Cerebrospinal fluid, Tissues (biopsies or postmortem), dried blood spots

A wide variety of samples can be used for virological testing. Proper sampling technique is essential to avoid potential pre-analytical errors. For example, different types of samples must be collected in appropriate tubes to maintain the integrity of the sample and stored at appropriate temperatures (usually 4 °C) to preserve the virus and prevent bacterial or fungal growth. Sometimes multiple sites may also be sampled. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques may be acclimated to make many replicas of the viral genetic material. PCR techniques make it more facile for medicos to rapidly and accurately identify the virus. Blood may additionally be tested for antigens, which are proteins on or in viruses that trigger the body's bulwark. Blood may withal be tested for antibodies to viruses. (Antibodies are proteins engendered by the immune system to avail forfend the body against a particular attack.) Tests are conventionally done expeditiously, especially when the infection is an earnest threat to public health or when symptoms are rigorousWhen a suspected viral agent requires laboratory corroboration, specimens must be felicitously amassed and stored, and congruously conveyed to a virology laboratory. Viruses can be isolated from a variety of specimens in tissue cultures, and characteristic cell changes may be seen in Papanicolaou smears and scrapings of vesicles. Serologic, immunofluorescent and immunoradiologic techniques are useful in identifying both antigens and antibodies.

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