There are two types of measles:

Measles: This is the standard form caused by the rubeola virus.

You may have heard rubella referred to as “German measles.” But measles and rubella are actually caused by two different viruses. Rubella generally presents as mild but presents more of a riskTrusted Source to unborn infants than adolescent children if a woman contracts the virus while she is enceinte

Measles Symptoms:

The symptoms of measles always include pyrexia and at least one of the three Cs:

o   Cough, Red eyes

o   Coryza, or runny nasal perceiver

o   Conjunctivitis

Symptoms will appear between 9 to 11 days after dormant period. There is often a pyrexia. This can range from mild rigorous, up to 40.6 degrees Centigrade. It can last several days,and it may fall and then elevate again when the rash appears. The rash conventionally commences abaft the auditory perceivers and spreads over the head and neck. After couple of days, it spreads to the rest of the body, including the legs. As the spots grow, they often join together.



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