Types of Pathology

There are mainly three subtypes of pathology: Anatomical pathology, Clinical pathology, and Molecular pathology. These subtypes can be broken down into even more specific categories; pathology is various fields because there are many different diseases and ways of studying exist.

Anatomical pathology:  Anatomical pathology is itself divided into subfields, the main divisions being surgical pathology, cytopathology, and forensic pathology, Anatomical pathology can include looking at cells under a microscope, but it also involves looking at organs in general. It also includes investigation of the chemical properties of cells, Sometimes pathologists practice both anatomical and clinical pathology, a combination known as general pathology. There are several broad subcategories of anatomical pathology; there is surgical pathology, Histopathology, Cytopathology.

Molecular pathology is the study of abnormalities of tissues and cells at the molecular level. It is a broad category that is used to refer to the study of disease of any organ or tissue in the body by examining what molecules are presented in cells. It is multidisciplinary by nature and shares some aspects of practice with both anatomic pathology and clinical pathology. It can combine aspects of both anatomical and clinical pathologies.

Clinical pathology For example, the Chemical components of blood may be analyzed, along with analyzing cells and identifying any microorganisms such as bacteria that are present in a sample. Sometimes, the field of clinical pathology is also referred to as the field of laboratory medicine. Major types include the following: Chemical pathology, Hematology, Immunology, or immunopathology.


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