Plant Virology

The first record of a disease was found  by a plant virus was on tulips in the 17th century in the Netherlands. By the First experimental of the infections nature of viral disease was recorded by Lawrence, who described the grafting on jasmine for transmission of a disease. The ultimate goal in plant virus disease control is consequently to avert virus spread by either controlling the vectors or through the eradication of infected plants. To bulwark the interest of farmers, the agricultural industry, as well as national and international trade, it is paramount that nurseries and tissue culture laboratories provide salubrious virus free propagation material. Plants such as mother plants, seedlings and sometimes seed utilized as propagation material should be tested for viruses afore it is supplied to farmers or other nurseries.

Transgenic plants are modified by using Recombinant DNA technique. This technique is used to create plants with new characteristics. Rice stripe virus is an RNA plant pathogen that infects plants such as corn, wheat, rice. Tobacco -mosaic virus is a single standard RNA virus that causes mottling and discoloration of tobacco leave. Plant viruses are composed with proteins,nucleic acids. Through insects,Mechanical,Seeds,Grafting. Cytological Changes in cytoplasm and nuclei. Visible effects of disease on plants are is called symptoms. There are four types of plant virus transmissions:

·         Horizontal transmission.

·         Vertical transmission.

·         Mechanical transmission.

·         Horizontal transmission

Plant viruses are viruses that affect plants, they are Intracellular parasites that they cannot replicate without the host and mostly they have RNA single stranded but some of them have the double stranded RNA or DS DNA genomes and the tobacco mosaic virus is the first virus to be discovered approximately 50 billion loss of crop yields worldwide each year there will be the loss due to this virus and the plants have the specialized mechanism for transporting the MNA through Plasmodesmata, and these viruses spread from one cell to other and the transmission usually occurs through the insects and the Plasmodesmata is the preferred path for visions to move between plant cells, and the society of American psycho pathological society is to study about plant diseases and other is Australasian plant pathology society is also to study about plant diseases, and research about it and the usually occurring the plant symptoms are leaf rolling, mosaic pattern, yellow diseases, ring spot, This occurs due to the changes in nuclei and DNA strands and there are different of virus transmission they are horizontal, vertical, mechanical, these all are for the plant transmission and the plant to be infected by the virus.

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